Environmental and Enabling Works

Working on environmentally sensitive sites requires an in-depth knowledge of the natural world coupled with a good understanding of low impact construction techniques and statutory guidelines. Baylis Landscape Contractors has decades of experience with all aspects of environmental groundwork – we have the knowledge and ability to realise your project in a way that will guarantee the sustainability of your grounds. Our team can help you fulfil your goals in an ecologically friendly and effective manner.

Often working in partnership with ecologist and other specialists our team can help you achieve your goals in an ecologically and environmentally friendly, and legal manner.

Our Environmental Services

Our past projects and experience extends to specialist projects such as landfill site reclamation, path creation, pond and lake formation, treatment and removal of invasive plant species and much more:
  • Environmentally sensitive groundwork
  • Site clearance, mitigation and enabling works
  • Reports and control of invasive or notifiable plant species
  • Site investigation and ecological assessment
  • Natural pond, stream construction and/or renovation
  • Amphibian / reptile fencing
  • Installation bird and bat boxes, insect havens/bug hotels
  • Hibernaculum construction
  • Wildlife gardens and dipping ponds (NOT dripping! as is currently)
  • Natural path and step creation
  • Reports removal and treatment of Japanese Knotweed
  • Reports removal and treatment of Giant Hogweed
  • Reports removal and treatment of other invasive weed
Baylis Landscape Contractors Ltd

Fully certified works

Comprehensive planning and considerate, sympathetic implementation is key to success. Environmental construction work involves adherence to statutory guidelines and implementation with a considerate touch. With Baylis Landscapes Contractors on board, you can be confident that this will be the case.


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