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Rain gardens and green screens.

We undertake rain garden and green screen projects across London and the South East

Based in Gravesend, Kent, the team at Baylis Landscapes can design and install attractive rain gardens that help solve local drainage issues, reduce rain run off and reduce flooding all at once! Contact the team today to find out more.

About rain gardens and green screens

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Rain gardens

One way we can help you deliver environmental benefits from your outdoor space or playground is through the improved management of rainwater. 

As a result of global warming, flooding has become more frequent in recent years due to heavier and more intense periods of rainfall. As well as causing local flooding it can also cause overloading of sewage works, resulting in the release of untreated sewage and the flooding of areas further downstream of rivers.

The construction of rain gardens helps increase the area for water to collect and infiltrate naturally into the ground. It slows the movement of water into the drainage system and reduces water runoff which can cause localised flooding in low areas.

The creation of rain gardens also has the added benefit of ‘greening up’ grey sterile tarmac areas and improving the ecological value of the area.

For smaller areas we have developed special raised storage planters to intercept water from roofs and down pipes, store it short term, then release it slowly back into the mains drainage system long after the rain has subsided.

Canopies which provide people with protection from sun and rain can also be used to collect rain and re-direct the water into the rain gardens or planters.

A covered grass area
Green screens 

Another popular environmental upgrade for schools and site near roads is the installation of greenscreens. These are natural growing plant barriers which reduce toxic gases and airborne pollutants, as well as helping to reducing sound levels and providing an attractive visual screen.

When installed in conjunction with automatic irrigation systems, these can quickly establish to provide an effective barrier for school playgrounds and outdoor spaces near roads.

A skilled and experienced team

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We have had the opportunity to create rain gardens for clients throughout London and across the South East, and we’ve gained a great deal of experience and expertise on these projects. This means that we’re a great choice for your own rain garden installation – you can benefit from our team’s skill, and at an excellent price, as our rates are always competitive. We’ll make sure that your new rain garden looks wonderful while reliably and effectively channelling rainwater into the ground safely.

A rain garden
A flower bed with rocks and stones among the plants
A raised planter with water downspout going into it

Concerned about the cost?

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Any company that is considering investing in their site has to balance cost against benefits – if the cost is too high, then the project cannot proceed. While there are obviously costs connected to having a new garden installed, did you know that funding may be available to you? Many water companies are keen to support the installation of rain gardens as they have a vested interested in managing the impact of rainfall. To this end, funding is often available via these companies. Talk to our team to learn more.

Contact the team

To find out more about our rain gardens and green screens, contact Baylis Landscapes in Gravesend, Kent. We undertake projects throughout London and the South East.

01474 569576

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